Building bridges between disciplines

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be close to physics science. The experience of studying Physics Engineering (B.Sc) at the ‘Universidad Nacional de Colombia’ gave me the sight to understand physical phenomena and a logical comprehension of nature’s behavior. There I studied before Plastic Arts for three years in the Arts School as well.

Recently, I graduated from the program Media Art and Design – MAD – (M.F.A) at the Bauhaus- Universtät, Weimar (Germany). There I have focused in fields of production and conception of multimedial performances, including 2D animations, video, Illustration, photography and stage design. The combination of artistic expressions with scientific reflections offers me the opportunity to develop projects where I can join science, art and design.

In order to expose clearly what I mean with this aim, I put forward part of my experience on this field.

In the end of my Bachelor studies, soap bubbles became the subject for my thesis degree: ‘phenomenological analysis in thin films of soap bubbles’. Different features were researched, such as geometrical, hydrodynamic, mechanical, thermodynamical and optical. Furthermore, the analysis was complemented with photos preciously made by a professional photographer, whose work exposed with detail the behavior of colors, gravity or turbulences on the surfaces. One of the pictures was awarded with the first prize in the SPIE-congress (International Society for Optical Engineering) in San Diego, Ca. 2008.

After this project the focus of my professional experience became working with transdisciplinary teams. For instance, in the program MAD I developed visual pieces including performances with animation and dance. For example, ‘S P A C E’ is based on the conceptions of space presented by Gilles Deleuze, Leibniz and Einstein and it participated in the 3rd edition of the festival WORKS ON PAPER at MOMENTUM Gallery as part of Month of Performance Art (MPA-B) in Berlin.

The degree work: BLACK BODY RADIATION is a multimedial performance inspired on the experiments of Max Planck where the idea of quantum and the dual nature of light was conceived. It merges dance and projection of images (animation, photography, video recording). This project was presented on March 2016. Furthermore, it was awarded with the ‘Bauhaus Graduation Scholarship’ and has been nominated for the ‘MediaArtAward2016’ at the Bauhaus- Universtät, Weimar.