3 Spaces


Final photography serie of work module “Making Room” – 3rd. Semester, Media Art and Design (M.F.A.)
Under advice of lecturer Nina Röder.
Bauhaus Universität – Weimar, Germany.
WS 2014/15.

This photography serie explores the concept of SPACE related with the animation and dance performance made on the same semester at the University.

It is the photographic interpretation of the three standpoints I decided to analyze: the conceptions of the french philosopher Gilles Deleuze (territory), the philosopher and scientist Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz (relativity) and the physicist Albert Einstein (Gravity).

I constructed a visual version where they can coexist and be suggested to the spectators.

As a final result, I decided to construct 3 small photography ‘studios’ in 3 black boxes, each of them related with each conception. The boxes have holes on the corners through which a light spoth can give the shape and atmosphere I am pursuing: non defined space-time. Then, I constructed with white thread designs where forces as tension and gravity are shown in figures that intricate sketch paper.